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Online sports games for casual fans and die-hard fanatics.

Now with new sports, daily competitions and a whole lot more!

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Play Wherever You Are

You can play Cover5 on your iOS and Android devices!


The Cover5 Mobile App

Cover5 combines the excitement of fantasy sports with the ease of a bracket. Make your picks and score points when they beat the spread (or get punished when they don’t). So simple, anyone can play.

Live Scoring

Every point, basket, and goal is updated in real time on the Cover5 mobile app.

Real-Time Updated Standings

As scores come flying in, Cover5 updates the leaderboard so you know where you stand at all times!


Make Your Picks

Pick teams each round. Not happy with a team in one round? Pick against them the following round!

Simple to play

Click to pick. Takes minutes to get set up for the round, then sit back, relax and COMPETE!


The dashboard displays your picks, round standings and overall position all on a single screen.